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Why Gourmet PT?

  • Provide diet adherence. Clear & actionable recipes, to stay on track and motivated.
  • Become a Kitchen guru. Become a master cook by following our cooking tutorials. Our recipes are categorised by difficulty 1, 2 and 3 to slowly build your confidence in the kitchen.
  • Cater for individuals dietary requirements. Vegan? Vegetarian? We have also got you covered!
  • Achieve every fitness goal. Whether you are looking to lose some serious fat or build some hard muscle, our algorithm calculates exactly how much to need to reach your goal.
  • Incredible variety. We have over 200+ recipes created with healthy superfoods.
  • Reduce food wastage. Planning ahead means less produce going bad in the fridge.
  • Automatic grocery lists. We can help with your meal planning by providing email and printable grocery lists. Then get your ingredients delivered by AmazonFresh the very next day!

It can be so confusing knowing what to eat or how much of it to eat. At Gourmet PT, the answer is personalised to you. The recipes at Gourmet PT have been created by professional chefs and tailored by nutritionists to provide the perfect balance of nutrition and taste. This is the way we believe that eating well can be sustainable long-term.


Natalie Hanson

15 February, 2021

I like to try and stay organised, and Gourmet PT helps me plan out my entire week's meals, with a shopping list and meal planner. It really takes the mental effort away from food planning.

Gareth Brooks

20 September, 2020

I joined Gourmet just over a month ago and I have already started to see the results! Amazing recipes and a very easy system to use. I wish I had found Gourmet PT years ago! Couldn’t recommend more.

Rachel Lee

1 October, 2020

I joined Gourmet PT just under 2 months ago and during this time I have been encouraged to change my mindset and break any pre-conceived ideas and boundaries in regards to my diet. Thanks to Gourmet PT, I have lost 6kg in this very short time!

Emma Reed

5 July, 2019

Thank You Gourmet PT For giving me the nutrition I needed to lose 75 pounds and work my way up to running 3-4 5k’s a week. 

Simon Mayer

10 January, 2021

I am a division one college athlete who was looking for a way to maximise my training and build some muscle. I am extremely happy with the results I have seen and the impact that my nutrition has had on my performance since I started working with Gourmet PT!

Linda Bishop

4 February, 2021

2 things I've always struggled with - ideas and discipline! Gourmet PT helps me massively with both. I get amazing recipe ideas and full control over portion control which is helping me loads with my weight control.

Alicia Smith

21 March, 2020

I've been searching for something like Gourmet PT for years, and now I have everything I need. My PT and I now have complete control over my nutrition and fitness goals.

About me

After graduating with a degree in Nutrition from Oxford, I started out working in your typical modern commercial gym, and I loved every second of it. I made incredible connections with my clients, as they made incredible transformations and I was even earning a good wage. I built my relationships by being honest and over delivering. However, one thing that was missing for me was needing to help so many more people achieve their fitness goals. I understand why individuals can be confused when trying to lose weight or gain muscle due to the overwhelming amount of weird and wonderful conflicting nutritional advice out there! Quite simply, everyone needs something personal to them.

If you believe eating smart is restrictive, difficult or expensive, there is a formula. Even if you believe you haven’t got the genetics, time or motivation, you can get results with Gourmet PT. My mission is to share this with you…


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