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Features at a glance

  • Generate more revenue for your business
  • Spend less time having to prepare meal plans for your clients
  • Lifetime membership commissions of 40%
  • Custom Logo branding – your members will see your logo & brand colours when they login to their members section
  • Improve client relationships through the PT / client management portal where you can track your clients’ results and make changes to their meal plans
  • Shareable results for your clients to post on social media which will drive additional clients under your affiliate account, which will in turn increase your passive income
  • Increase your online presence using our social media tools
  • Custom event calendar to share with your clients
  • Direct chat functionality to keep in contact with your clients through Gourmet PT
  • Confidence in providing your clients with the very best diet plan algorithm designed by Oxford Brookes University qualified nutritionist & personal trainer Luke Hanshaw

How Gourmet PT can help you and your clients

People are becoming increasingly more interested in providing their body with the very best nutrition. Many personal trainers are also being asked by their clients to provide nutritional advice to help them achieve their individual goals.

We understand that you may not have either the time or training in the field of nutrition, but you want to help your clients get to where they want to be.
With this in mind we created Gourmet PT. It’s the perfect solution to provide your clients with fully custom meal plans with carefully calculated macro and micro nutrients and delicious, easy to prepare varied meals. We have 200 recipes ready at launch, with new recipes being added every week.

Your clients can input their height, weight, age and weight goals (lose weight, maintain or increase muscle mass) and our custom designed algorithm will provide them with a completely customised meal plans with full instructions and carefully calculated quantities of every ingredient to ensure their goals are met.

We also allow your clients to share their performance data with you so that you can monitor and help your client adjust their calorie target and amount of meals per day.

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Alejandro Jimenez

17 September, 2020

Gourmet PT has been a game changer… Not only do I make some additional income but my clients LOVE the recipes and are reaching their weight goals. If you are a Personal Trainer, Gourmet PT is a must have!

Amber Taylor

11 April, 2020

Gourmet PT helped me during COVID-19 become an online personal trainer. The unique system allows me to communicate with my clients, book in sessions and schedule them into my 'Work Planner'. With Gourmet PT by my side, my personal training business is completely scalable! It's a no brainer.

Mabel Torres

1 October, 2020

I joined Gourmet PT about 3 months ago and I am earning an additional $750 of passive income a month! I have now been able to work less so I can spend more time with my young family.

James Collins

30 July, 2020

After getting asked on a daily basis about nutrition, I finally have the perfect solution for my clients. The one place where I can manage clients nutritional and fitness goals. Plus, it's added an extra income stream to my business, which is only growing!

Beth Rees

10 February, 2021

Gourmet PT is really helping me achieve my business goals. Their social media marketing pack has helped me massively grow my social media presence. My clients are also delighted with the product.